Deal Memorial Bandstand

Join the Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Band for the last concert of the season at Deal Memorial Bandstand.

Commemorating the bombing of the Deal Royal Marine School of Music by the IRA, the bandstand serves as a memorial especially for the deaths of 11 musicians killed on the tragic day – 22nd September 1989.

The Betteshanger Colliery Welfare Band (along with their Academy) have a varied and enjoyable repertoire in store this Sunday, to finalize the bandstand’s summer season concerts which help keep the memory of the September 22nd victims alive . . .


DATE: Sunday 30th September, 2018

TIME: 2.30pm


Deal Memorial Bandstand,
Walmer Green,
The Strand,
Deal (Use postcode CT14 7DX, for RM Association Club, opposite bandstand)



In Memory of:
Musician Michael Ball
Band Corporal Andy Cleatheroe
Band Corporal Trevor Davis
Musician Richard Fice
Musician Richard Jones
Band Corporal David McMillan
Musician Chris Nolan
Band Corporal Dean Pavey
Musician Mark Petch
Musician Tim Reeves
Musician Bob Simmonds




Photos (c)
Country Beehive

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